The Benefits of Drinking Functional Coffee

    Benefits of Coffee

    At Peak State Coffee, we don’t just sell coffee...we sell coffee we believe in. Our functional coffee offers a number of benefits. These come from the coffee itself, from the mushroom extracts infused into the coffee, and from the type of company we strive to be in the world.

    Superb Coffee…

    We don’t just infuse mushroom extracts into any coffee...we choose the very best. Our growers are selected carefully and our beans are tested again and again to make sure they meet our high standards for quality. Here are just a few of the benefits you stand to reap when you choose Peak State Coffee for all of your functional coffee needs.

    Fair Trade

    All of our beans are fair trade. This means that the growers receive a fair price for their beans and that this price translates into a living wage for them and their families. We want them to live well because their coffee helps us live better every day.

    We also want them to have the time, money, and energy to continue investing more and more into the coffee they grow, for us and for others.


    The coffee beans we use are grown organically, without the addition of pesticides and other chemicals. This means that they are cared for throughout the growing process. It also means that there aren’t any chemical residues left in the beans after they are processed.

    We want to drink the very best and we want you to drink the very best and we believe this means choosing organic coffee beans.

    Sustainably Shade Grown

    Coffee beans have traditionally been grown in the shade, but that has transitioned as rainforests have been cut down. Going back to growing coffee beans in the shade means that the beans grow in their ideal environment, improving their taste and quality.

    Growing in the shade also means that it is easier to grow the beans organically, and that the rainforest does not have to be stripped to facilitate their growth.

    Maximum Freshness, Maximum Taste

    Our coffee beans arrive fresh and our mushroom infusion process means that both the beans and the mushroom extracts have maximum freshness. This translates to a maximum amount of taste, too. 

    When you want coffee that tastes great and comes with added benefits, Peak State Coffee is the place to look.

    Low Acid

    Many people report stomach problems after drinking coffee, mostly due to high acid levels in many versions of the beverage. However, you won’t experience that when you drink our coffee.

    Because of the ways our beans are grown and processed, they have very low acid levels when compared to other coffees out there. We’ve given our coffee to people with stomach problems who report no issues after drinking it.

    ...With Added Benefits…

    Because we infuse mushroom extracts into our coffee beans, they have even more benefits. While coffee is always functional when it comes to making people more alert and productive, now it is even more functional. You can choose the type of benefit you want when you choose the type of functional coffee you want to drink.


    The extra energy and alertness you can get from the caffeine in coffee is great, but it can make it hard to focus. Add the focus back in when you drink functional coffee instead.

    Now, you can channel all of that energy toward whatever your goal is for the day. Finish that presentation, enjoy that meeting, have fun with your family, or learn something new. Functional coffee makes it easier than ever before to focus on the things you love.

    Natural Energy Boost

    Coffee boosts your energy, but at what cost? Many coffee drinkers experience an afternoon lull in energy, once the caffeine wears off.

    Avoid this and keep energy levels balanced all day with functional coffee. Our mushroom extracts will help your energy stay high all day so you can complete all of the tasks on your plate. It won’t feel like a caffeine rush, either, but instead will simply feel like your body has the energy it needs to get things done.

    Improve Immunity

    If your immune system is drug down or you want to avoid getting sick, functional coffee can help. Our mushroom extracts provide both beta glucans and antioxidants, which help your immune system function the way it was designed to.

    Stay well and support your immune system with functional coffee today. Give your body what it needs to fight off invaders and stay well.

    Set Your Body Up to Stress Less

    Everyone experiences stress and, sometimes, it feels like it is out of control. Take your control back when you choose functional coffee. Mushrooms provide adaptogens, which help your body process and release stress, rather than holding onto it and absorbing more and more until you feel like you could scream.

    Get your stress under control when you drink functional coffee every day. You might be surprised at the changes you see!

    ...And More!

    As if that weren’t enough, there are a number of other benefits you can also reap from our functional coffee. Take care of the earth and give back to help the planet every time you buy from Peak State Coffee.

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Our eco-friendly packaging will degrade properly so it won’t sit in the landfill forever. Feel good about the coffee you’re drinking when you know that it’s good for the planet, too!

    1% Back to Conservation

    We believe in conserving the earth that supports us. After all, without it, we wouldn’t have the ingredients we need to make functional coffee everything that it is. 

    Contribute to these efforts whenever you buy from us because we give 1% of all our sales back to environmental efforts. We want to keep our planet healthy for a long, long time.

    Buy Peak State Coffee Now

    If you want to make these benefits your own, order your Peak State Coffee now! It won’t be long before you are feeling great about the amazing coffee you’re consuming.

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