What is Functional Coffee?

    Functional Coffee

     Functional coffee is coffee that offers more than what normal coffee offers. Sure, any cup of coffee can help you wake up and feel better about yourself and your day, but can any cup of coffee help you focus, support your immune system, or lower your stress levels?

    Ours can! That’s the difference between functional coffee and regular coffee.

    What Does it Mean for Coffee to be Functional?

    Functional coffee has added benefits beyond regular coffee. When you choose between the coffees we offer at Peak State, you can choose the benefits you want to add to your life.

    You can pick coffee that will help support your brain’s focus and natural energy, beans that will help your immune system function well, or a morning beverage that will help your body as it responds to stressors throughout the day.

    If you’re not sure which benefits would be best for you, you can order a bag of each type of coffee so you can choose what you need every morning.

    Why Did We Choose Functional Coffee?

    We love coffee and we believe that making it functional makes it even better. Our team has relied on coffee for years. Recently, we have learned how to forage for mushrooms and incorporate them into the recipes we cook every day. 

    We have enjoyed the benefits of these mushrooms so much that we started to look for ways to pass them onto other people. Because so many people rely on their cup of coffee every morning, infusing mushroom extracts into coffee seemed like a great way for people to reap these benefits without having to eat more mushrooms.

    That’s how Peak State Coffee was born.

    What are the Mushrooms that Make Our Coffee Functional?

    We use a number of different mushrooms in our functional coffee. They are all completely safe for human consumption and offer a number of benefits. In fact, many people forage for these mushrooms and eat them on a daily basis!

    Lion’s Mane

    Lion’s Mane mushrooms are white and shaggy, and they actually grow in strings that look something like a lion’s mane. They are most famous in Asia and many people think that they taste and act like seafood when cooked and eaten. 

    Lion’s Mane mushrooms have many health benefits, including: 

    • Offering relief for depression and anxiety
    • Speeding brain recovery from nervous system injuries
    • Reducing the risk of heart disease
    • Lowering inflammation and acting as an antioxidant
    • Helping with diabetes symptoms
    • Raising immune system function
    • Lowering the risk a person has of developing dementia
    • Helping reduce the number of ulcers that develop in the digestive tract


    Cordyceps is actually a fungus (like other mushrooms) that grows on caterpillars and other insect larvae. That may sound unappetizing, but don’t worry! Most cordyceps that are consumed in North America are actually grown in a lab, instead. 

    Cordyceps offers a number of benefits, which include:

    • Fighting aging, with antioxidants and other chemicals that fight free radicals
    • Mimicking insulin, which helps control diabetes
    • Protecting the heart against damage and disease, and fighting cholesterol
    • Fighting inflammation
    • Raising VO2 max levels, which are measures of exercise performance 

    Cordyceps also has potential tumor-fighting properties, though these require more study before we can thoroughly understand them.


    The Reishi mushroom is another mushroom that grows and is popularly consumed in Asia. It is eaten in popular food dishes, and is also used in Eastern medicine. The mushroom can be consumed in a number of different forms, including being eaten as a mushroom or being taken as a powder.

    People take Reishi mushrooms to help with the following things: 

    • Reishi mushrooms have a number of cancer-fighting chemicals, though more research needs to be done to understand exactly how they contribute to a cancer battle.
    • Blood sugar spikes. Reishi mushrooms seem to help lower blood sugar in many individuals.
    • Depression and exhaustion. People who regularly consume reishi mushrooms report less fatigue and fewer symptoms of depression.
    • Immune problems. Reishi mushrooms help the immune system function efficiently and fight off disease and inflammation in a number of different ways.


    Chaga mushrooms, which grow as far north as some parts of Siberia, are ugly, lumpy fungi that don’t look like something a person would want to eat. However, they have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and are becoming more and more popular in the west.

    Chaga mushrooms are best known for their antioxidant properties. These mean that it can help the body fight inflammation, as well as some types of disease. They may also help fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar, too.

    Turkey Tail

    Turkey Tail mushrooms are large, fan-like fungi that are striking because of their striped patterns. They are best known for supporting the immune system in a number of ways. They are packed with antioxidants, so fight off inflammation and other stress in the body.

    Turkey Tail mushrooms have even been approved by the FDA for cancer research. Who knows? They may be the answer some cancer patients have been waiting for!

    How Do the Benefits of the Mushrooms Get Into the Coffee?

    We use our Peak State Infusion Process to get organic extracts from the mushrooms above into whole coffee beans. This process allows for maximum freshness of both the coffee and the extract, and it means that every cup of Peak State Coffee is more than just a normal cuppa joe.


    We don’t share our infusion process because we don’t want others to copy it, but we do have our coffee third-party tested to make sure the infusion is working the way we intended it to. That testing shows that the infusion process works as designed and that you will reap benefits with every cup of our coffee that you drink.

    Try Peak State Coffee Today!

    If functional coffee sounds like something you could use in your life, choose the benefits you want and order your coffee today. We would love to help you live better, all through raising the game of your morning cuppa joe. Order today to see benefits soon!

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